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  • One moment to live

    what if you had one moment, one day or an hour to live. How would you spend it?

    I thought about this today…

    How would i end my life, how would i enjoy my life, what would i do for that moment.
    I thought to my self.

    I would write a poem to all my loved ones

    A letter to all my life logings

    I would record a video for my family to remember me by

    I would make and have one last supper with my family

    I would rejoice and give thanks to God for all my experiences, all my happiness, all my trials and tribulations

    But i won’t spend my last moment thinking about the past, the failures, the struggles, the misfortune, the mistakes and the choices i have made.
    And wished i haven’t made
    I wouldn’t look back and think for a second.
    I wouldn’t ask for a second chance.
    I wouldn’t cry for the last moment i have to share.
    I wouldn’t think of all the things i couldn’t do.

    But be proud of all my efforts
    be proud of all the love i had given, shared and enjoyed
    All the support i had given
    All the support I was given
    All the sacrifices i had made
    All the sacrifices that were made
    And All the moments i had shared during my time

    That would be my last moments, my last memories

    What would you do?

    by J.Seleke

  • Beyond

    I look beyond

    i look beyond my own challenges.
    I look beyond life’s existence.
    I look beyond the unknown.
    the stars, the moon and the universe.

    I look beyond the Clouds,
    the seas and the oceans
    the rain and the sunset
    the life that has come and fallen in to existence
    I look beyond the flow and the waves of the unforgiven
    I look beyond thee
    For everything is beyond my control

    Beyond my reach
    Beyond my depth,
    And beyond my time.
    Love and beauty
    Happiness and forgiveness.
    Comfort and serenity.
    Hope and peace.
    Light vs darkness.

    I look beyond thee for life is beyond

    my own existence.

    By J.Seleke

  • I am on a mission

    To rise,
    Not To hide.
    To haunt,
    Not To be haunted.
    To lead,
    Not to be misled,
    Not to be led,
    But to lead.
    To love
    And to be loved.
    To seek
    And to find.
    To prosper
    And to succeed.
    On this journey
    To reconcile with a new part of myself
    The hidden and the unknown.
    To find who i am and where i belong.

    I am on a mission,
    Not to fail but to succeed.
    To see the light,
    And no darkness.
    To walk and to stand tall,
    With no ache and no limp.
    To be high and above,
    To be mighter and powerful,
    To be glorified and loved.

    I am a mission
    To not kill,
    But to be killed.
    To not hate,
    But to be hated.
    To not cry,
    But to be in pain.
    To not fear,
    But be in a battlefield.
    To not be
    And to be
    I am on A mission.

    by J.Seleke

  • Mosquito bite

    You left me wondering and searching for places of a mosquito bite.
    You left me in irritation with a burning sensation from a mosquito bite.
    I turned in to a different color, red like a mosquito bite.
    I left to different places and scratched in different places because of a mosquito bite.
    I turned it off and on in search of a mosquito bite.
    I laid and i twisted,
    i fought and i whispered
    Searching for a mosquito bite.

    by J.Seleke

  • The Ajna Chakra: The opening of The Third eye

    Now you see me.

    Have you ever wondered if your third eye is open, why you are experiencing unseemingly symptoms that cannot be explained or cured or just got curious about the third eye?. This post reveals all the hidden secrets behind the Opening of the third eye from the side effects, the dangers involved from within yourself and around yourself and the qualities you might possess by just opening your pineal gland right between your eyebrows

    What is the third eye?
    The third eye is considered to be associated with the Ajna chakra, an ancient practice or belief that involves with light, perception and intuition. It’s said to be located on your forehead between the brows, a place whereby it is considered to be the seat of the soul by ancient philosophers.

    The third eye is one of the seven chakras in hindu tradition. One that boost your perception, openes your eyes to see beyond reality, to identify underlying patterns in ourlives and many more.

    Everyone has a third eye. It can be opened, closed or blocked by the imbalances in ourlives, the frustration to accept the demands or the gift that comes along with the opening of the third eye, stress and emotional conflict

    There are many common symptoms that shows or tells that your third eye has been opened with or without your knowledge such as;

    • Being Hypersensitive towards energies experiencing good and bad energies.
    • Experiencing Intense pressure on the forehead
    • Migraines
    • High alert intuition that causes to anticipate future events and feel different.
    • Clairvoyant abilities: The ability to see hidden things, Seeing more vivid colors
    • Sound sensitivity: Mostly common with spiritual people, Disturbed by low and high frequencies, Some sounds can cause strong emotions
    • Increases creativity; Mostly connected with supreme consciousness, Bombarbed with ideas at an overwhelming rate
    • Vivid dreams; Are dreams that linger in your mind and are highly intense. It may feel similar to real life memories whereby a person can release old energies from your aura and connecting with old memories and experiences. Change in sleeping patterns
    • A change of diet: Giving up alcohol, Eating more fruits and vegetables
    • More clarity: The ability to distinguish between what’s real and not real. The ability to feel, have visions or dream about upcoming events.
    • Synchronicities: Seeing opportunities as purposeful events. The realization between coincidence and accidents. The manifestation of numbers, names, symbols, words and events

    These are just the tip of an ice break. Like everything in life there are side effects to opening the third eye. Some that may cause confusion and doudt and with some that will make you feel like you’re going crazy. Such as experiencing:

    • Vivivd dreams and continues nightmares
    • Scary accurate intuitions
    • Becoming more fearless
    • Experiencing an Astral projection whereby a part of yourself leaves the body and travels to another place.
    • Your charkra may becomes overactive
    • A Chaotic behavior
    • That makes you to wish to go back to how things were.

    If you are considering of opening your third eye and you do not know how to do it and where to start. Here are a few tips to start your journey according to the tradition:

    • Eat more purple foods such as grapes, blueberries and purple sweet potatoes.
    • Practice kumbhaka breathing techniques
    • Practice kundalini yoga
    • Meditation
    • Use essential oils
    • Work with healers
    • Yoga poses such as: child pose, pigeon pose, paschimottanasana, eagle pose and kundalini yoga

    It may seem cool and interesting to have three eyes open. To see beyond the physical and travel to different dimensions. But sometimes having a gift can turn out to be your worst nightmare or your lucky charm.

    When you have managed to open your third eye be advised to look out for the following;

    1) Your relationships:

    Because of the opening of the third eye, you will experience and start seeing things differently whereby the nature of your relationship may be revealed. It can cause your intolerance for disappointment to weaken, to become dicontent and to change your interpersonal relationship.

    2)Detachment from reality:

    Being detached from reality is like being lost within your own body. You lose a sense of yourself and start to develop trust issues.

    3) Experience headaches and weight sensation:

    There’s nothing more disturbing and aggravating as having a headache. Opening your third eye can cause one to experience sever headaches for hours and even for days.

    4) More dramatic and intense vivid dreams:

    You can say good bye to a peaceful rest because once you the third eye is open, you will be traveling endlessly without a pause.

    5) Dramatic changes in sensors:

    The higher the sound the more agitated you will become. The more disturbing the sound the more agitated you will become.

    I have recently realized that my third eye has been open and i didn’t realize it until i did some research which led me to this post. Having to see things beyond life and death is terrifying. Having to experience the exact event, the same way you dreamed about, it’s much confusing and worrying because you will start asking yourself questions such “Am i a witch, is it my fault and why did it happen”. The opening of a third eye is much excruciating than delivering a baby. I can’t take it away because it is associated with the gift i posses. It’s more intense, more disturbing and less fun because you don’t see anything concerning your future only others. Which is sad because i want to know but i already know where i will be in the next year or 5 years. So if you are considering opening your third eye, think twice and if you have tell me about your experience.

    For more information and insight visit:

    By J. Seleke

  • An ephiphany

    Just for laughs

    Is it just me or I am suddenly living in a different existence?

    The days are suddenly becoming lesser by the day and longer by the night.
    You do one thing and then BOOM its 3pm
    You rest up to start your day and then BOOM it’s midnight…
    What day is it?
    Is it January or a peak to a night fall
    I wonder.
    There is just something weird about these days. They don’t give you time to do as you wish. To wonder around. To take a road trip. To laugh. To smile and to even cry for just one second, WOW!
    These days are making life to turn out be different.
    They are suddenly becoming a dooms day
    I woke up this morning thinking it was a Monday but less did i know it was a Wednesday. Damn, i lost two days of fun and hard work.

    What have i been doing? Am i losing my mind or am i just taking time for granted.
    There’s nothing more depressing than having to wake up one morning full of energy and then boom it’s the end of the week.

    What is happening. I need to find out because i keep asking myself questions that no one can give me answers too.


    By J.Seleke

  • The End To A Destination

    One step is all it takes

    There is nothing like fear. The only time we become afraid is when we look at the journey with one eye open. We look at the destination with fear of how far it is to reach it, we measure our journey based on our imagination and a set of belief. We trigger our emotions with fear because we want life to be like we imagine.

    Reinventing yourself is recreating yourself from an older version of yourself into a new one. It’s sacrificing the habits and time we used to waste to make greatness out of it. It’s taking a step further beyond your own imagination, entrusting yourself in this new journey and continuously believing in the unknown.

    Creating a new set of goals and values. Gathering a set of motivations and healthy habits to make your way easier, fun and healthier.

    There’s nothing more powerful and inspiring than reaching the end that you have been preparimg for, being proud of your accomplishments and the journey that made you into become something magnificently beautiful. So when you have to look in the mirror you smile and laugh with tears of joy because you know you have done all you can and you have finally reached it.

    We may fall along the way, we may share tears and break down, become unmotivated and tired but don’t be discouraged and allow yourself to give in because that’s the cause of a journey. You will break, you will fall and you will cry but the only thing that matters is to always get up and fight even on your last breath.

    There’s nothing like failure except disappointment. You will never fail but you will become disappointed at yourself, at your work, your progress and your duties. We are all going to struggle to achieve our undying purpose, we will struggle to reach it because of the gravity it holds, because of the power and strength it holds. Some may be blessed with the privileges and endless opportunities be advised to use them wisely and not be part of the statement “my parents have money so i don’t have to worry about my future”.

    And some of us not so much. With that at hand use it to create new opportunities with the time you have, create something that is unknown in your community, use your skills and talents to make your way of difference and change, something that inspires you. No matter how small or little it may seem, it will grow with time.

    We should all be worried concerning our future with the limited time we have, the efforts we make, the direction we are venturing in, how we see life, what we say to ourselves, our beliefs and faith. We all need to be concerned other wise, life will teach by it’s own adversities.

    By J.Seleke

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  • A bright light

    We always seek to understand the actions of life. Why things happen the way they do, why is it you.
    There is just too much that we think about and mostly it involves the things we cannot control and things we can not change. It is very important that we lie out our controls and those we cannot control and separate the two for not only for our mental health but also for our self being.

    I’ve realized that I’ve been taking too much time and effort thinking about the things i cannot change such as the past or unforeseen circumstances. I can’t go back and resolve the issues that made me to change who i am or broke me apart. I can’t just take a wound and wish for it to go away like in fantasy movies because the past will always remind you of where you have stepped, who you shouldn’t mix with, what you shouldn’t do, where you belong and how cautious you need to be with your choices.

    Believe it or not, We live out our present lives based on our past, emotions and heart ache because we wish that we had that one moment where we could just say whatever and do whatever without having to deal with the consequences. When we could just live freely without having to worry about debts. But that’s just how life goes. There are things that we need to do in order to stay alive, be responsible for and cautious about.

    Your past mistakes and or your past in general shouldn’t define your present life neither should it shape your mental state and self being negatively. It should be used as a source of motivation to keep pushing even harder to be where you want to be, who you want to be and how you want your life to be. Become a source of inspiration to not go back to how things were.

    Such as being in a new relationship, your last relationships should not be used an excuse of a fall out, it should be a lesson to what you did wrong and right and not what the other person did. We always beat ourselves down based on someone else’s motives and forget about ours. We punish ourselves to a point where we lose ourselves or find someone to blame because we couldn’t comprehend what we did wrong or what made it to be wrong. Why it failed and not succeed like any other relationship.

    Everything is different, people are different, circumstances are different. We can’t expect things to remain the same as it was yesterday. In order to grow, to have knowledge, to understand, to read and to judge, we need to learn. We need to change, we need new things in our life, a new environment, a new plan, a new motive and inspiration.

    Life is about learning from your mistakes and having the courage to move away from it to becoming a better version of yourself. Life is about constantly learning from yourself, your surroundings and mostly the people that you connect with. It’s not all about pain and suffering but faith and courage, building yourself up with a stable foundation that cannot be broken down by anyone but yourself.

    Creating some rules and boundaries to ensure your safety and happiness. To resist the pains of yesterday and give into the new changes that are coming our way. We have the power to change anything and have everything, we have the word to say yes and to say no. We won’t be in chains or be chained by our obstacles, struggles and the past.

    It is by choice to do as you say, to go according to your will or against it. We may think that time is on our side but tomorrow we might drop dead and regret not having the time to be happy, to be free, to change, to succeed, to forgive and forget, to create memories, to love and to say thank you.

    We should Cherish every moment like its our last. Embrace a new day with great thoughts and mindset. Live up to our expectations and forget about the past because we have only one life to make it.

    By J.Seleke

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  • Being A Woman is A Brand

    Being a woman is a brand from the hair, to the looks, to the skin, to the body size and shape, to the lifestyle, career and relationships, We are woman and we need to be respected as such, the way we are. Woman deal with countless and endless insecurities from a teenage life into adulthood, so don’t discourage a woman or your fellow woman because you don’t accept their ways and behavior. You have your own life to live and everyone gets to live it, the way they want to After all, everyone has their own cross to carry.

    Woman are always seen and projected to be the object of sexuality, physical abuse and material for centuries. We are called names such as whores because of what we portray to be on the internet. What you see is not what you get. I may be happy and loving on the internet but in reality, i may be going thru some issues like everyone else. You need to understand that a woman requires these attributes such as make up, expensive clothes and jewelry basically a nice lifestyle to not feel any different, excluded and ugly on the inside because we have insecurities that need to be dealt with and they all have to do with our beauty and money. We are not appreciated and respected as human beings that we can have a nice life, we can become more successful as man, we can own cars and houses such as man. We run a company and become our own leaders.

    Not every woman is using their bodies and beauty to get everything in life. We all have our differences on how we choose to live our lives. We all don’t have the same beliefs and talents, we were not raised by the same hand and definitely not fed by the same spoon. There are woman who are single mothers not because they were sleeping around but they were just a victim of circumstances, not finding the right guy and not because they wanted to trap a guy, have money and so forth.

    Every woman deserves respect regardless of what they are doing and how they choose to live their lives. How it turned out to be and not be. We are not perfect and none is perfect. We are just fighting for the same thing in a different way. In a way we feel incontrol. Not everyone is a member of the same stat or group, therefore no-one should be treated as such.

    Times change and in this 20th century woman are playing the game at the palm of their hands, we are using every tactic and plan to gain what we don’t have. To be like the other woman. To be on the same level as the others, to feel in control and be in control.

    Some people expect woman to be a saint, to be a house wife, to lay low and go to church 24/7 and raise the kids. Life is not only about that, we all have a duty within our purpose that needs to achieved.
    Woman are not statues, they are not a portrayed That can be sold. They have rights the same way everyone has the right to do whatever they want.

    Times have changed ladies and gentleman and they will continue to change. No one is expected to sit and watch tv everyday. We all need to work and get things done, we are not going to be deprived by anyone expectations. We also have dreams, we have goals, we have standards and we definitely have a type.

    Being a woman is a brand. it requires more than money and materials to keep a woman happy to be loved, to be assured that they are strong, they are in control, they can achieve whatever they want, they are beautiful and they are gift regardless of the past experiences, we just need to accepted the way we are.

    Woman go through havoc everyday to keep their place at work, in the society and every where they go. They have to keep their appearances clean and neat, they have to work 10times harder than a man to keep a place, to get business partners and to succeed.

    Being a woman is an everyday battle that keeps you on your feet. If you stop the weight of everything and everyone will be felt on your shoulders. If you carry on you have to deal with everything that comes your way.

    Being a woman is not easy and maintaining a brand is not an easy task. You need to keep harvesting and grooming yourself everyday, so you don’t feel the weight on your shoulders

    Accept a woman for who they are. We may not be the same, make the same choices, live the same life but A woman is A woman, A sister is A sister regardless of everything, we all deserve Respect.

    By J.Seleke

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  • The importance of secrecy by Albert Einstein

    We all have problems, experience different forms of crisis, health issues, financial issues, family issues, relationship issues and many more, and with that we always succumb to not being silent and keeping things to ourselves and finding an appropriate, vital solution from within. Instead we talk and we end up telling the wrong person our secrets and problems.

    Secrecy is a better method of living

    There’s is a saying that when telling someone a secret is like carrying a bag of grain with holes in it. Meaning it gets to be known by everyone and people you haven’t even met before. News fly…

    Albert Einstein summarized 5 things you should keep a secret and why it is important.

    1) The secret to your success;
    Albert Einstein believed that sharing your secrets to your success with everyone is putting yourself at risk because we don’t truly know a person, in black and white.
    Its better to keep things to yourself than having to tell the secrets of your success and how you are more successful than others because of jealousy, hatred and the risk of getting yourself harmed or even killed.
    Most of the time what worked for you might not work for someone else.

    2) Don’t share your problems with anyone;
    Even though we might feel lighter and happy at the end, there is a always a disadvantage to it.
    Sharing your problems leads to more gossip and more problems for yourself.
    70% of people are happy to hear about your problem while the 10% cares about you.
    The best way to solving a problem is to finding a much better solution than telling someone.
    No matter how much you trust them, your problems should remain private unless you are sharing it with a professional or a therapist.

    3) Don’t share your Dreams with anyone;
    Sharing your dreams can distract you from your own belief.
    You can’t always get the same advice from people because everyone has a different view or opinion.
    Your dream is your dream, it cannot be understood better by anyone else but yourself.
    Some might see it as a joke and worthless while you see it as light.
    If someone doesn’t believe in your dream, move away and keep working on it until it becomes a reality.

    4) Don’t share with anyone how much you earn;
    Your income should be your own concern and not everyone’s, it can attract unnecessary hate
    Your financial problems are yours to solve and not for everyone to know.

    5) Don’t share your family problems with anyone;
    Every family has their own problems, sharing yours will only aggravate the problem.
    Sharing your problem doesn’t solve the problem.
    It is called a family problem for a reason and it should remain as such.
    Every family had it’s own different problem, if yours becomes too alarming others will leave theirs and debate yours

    For more content and inspiration go to;
    YouTube at Cs4Quoteshub

    By J. Seleke

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